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Scott Macdonald

SPC1000 - Public Speaking

"ANONYMOUS" University

discussion Getting Started - Experience and Goals table width spacer element assignment link button
discussion u01d1 Expert Speech Evaluation   discussion
discussion u01d2 Brown Bag Speech   discussion u03d2 Mnemonic Device, Introduction, and Conclusion
discussion u01d3 The Ethical Use of Intellectual Property at Capella   assignment link button u04a1 Formal Outline
assignment link button u02a1 Anxiety Plan   discussion u04d1 Speech Organization and Argument Construction
assignment link button u02a2 Annotated Bibliography   discussion u04d2 Informative Speech
discussion   discussion u05d1 Final Persuasive Speech
discussion u02d2 Classical and Modern Approaches   discussion u05d2 Formal Reflection


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