Although AT&T Labs’ MacTOPAS 3-D all-in-one modeling, rendering, and animation software had come to the Macintosh platform, the Electric Image Animation System could render large polygonal models at incredible speeds. From 1994-1996, the “Eaton House” graced cover pages of Viewpoint 3-D catalogs, where mac design solutions, inc. was frequently one of the featured artists in literature and promotions from 3-D broker Viewpoint.

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The 3-D model for this project - based upon the architectural drawings - exceeded 1,200,000 polygons, included over 60 different light sources, and more than 250 maps (texture, bump, ambient, diffuse, specular, reflection, environment, etc.). The 60-second animation consisted of 30 renderings (frames) for each second of video, averaging 6 minutes per frame x 1,800 frames...Think now, that was in 1992!

1992 Milestone: “Eaton House”,